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Welcome to Virtual Voices, a series of webinars hosted by the World Information Transfer as part of its constant effort to promote fact-based, science-backed news on health and environment.

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WIT Virtual Voices

WIT Virtual Voices

Advancing Sustainable Transportation Locally, Nationally and Globally. Conversation with Modou Cham

02 Nov 2022

Ukraine’s reconstruction must start now. Kit Miyamoto

26 Oct 2022

Sustainable Solutions in Culture. Conversation with Ms. Brittney McDonald

19 Oct 2022

Prevention and Management of Traveller’s Diarrhea. Conversation with Dr. Brian R Landzberg

12 Oct 2022

Progress in Breast Surgery. Conversation with Dr. Alexander J Swistel

05 Oct 2022

Reflections on the war in Ukraine with young journalists

28 Sep 2022
Forence D Hudson

Leveraging Data Science and Advanced Technologies. Conversation with Ms. Florence D. Hudson

21 Sep 2022

From Horror to Hope: The Adverse Consequences of War on Health and the Environment. Conversation with Dr. Barry S. Levy

14 Sep 2022

Nuclear Energy: Zaporizhzhia Update. Conversation with Dr. Najmedin Meshkati

07 Sep 2022

Crucial Role of Nature to achieve UN/SDG’s is superb! Conversation with Martin Cadena

22 Jul 2022

Masha Brodskaya aka Åmbe about Ukraine

13 Jul 2022

Moving Forward by Going Back to Nature – Near-Infrared enhanced lighting and why it is important Conversation with Mr. Ken Szabo

29 Jun 2022

Present and future of young Ukrainians. 4 Ukrainian students from different parts of Ukraine will discuss the future of Ukraine’s young generation.

22 Jun 2022

Prevention and Response to Sexual Violence in Ukraine. Challenges as a Result of Russian Aggression Conversation with Dr. Pavlo Zamostian

08 Jun 2022

Supply Chain Impact on ESG. Conversation with Ms. Anna McGovern.

01 Jun 2022

Demystifying facts from fiction – the proliferation of fake news. Conversation with Mr. Apurv Gupta.

18 May 2022

The Refugees Dilemma. Conversation with Michael Fullilove & Rouslana Yaroslavsky

11 May 2022

The Future we want! 3 Ukrainian students from different parts of Ukraine discuss what they want after the Russian unprovoked atrocities in Ukraine have ended!

04 May 2022

Population growth and sustainable development. Conversation with Ms. Clare Menozzi.

20 Apr 2022

Psychological traumas following Russian attack on Ukraine. Conversation with Professionals from Ukraine.

13 Apr 2022

Devastation After Russian Attack of Ukraine, conversation with students from Ukraine

06 Apr 2022

Russian War Tragic Consequences for Ukraine. Conversation with Kateryna Pavlova & Mykola Volkivskyi

30 Mar 2022
Ensuring the Safety & Security of Ukraine's Nuclear Power Plants 2022

Ensuring the Safety & Security of Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plants an Engineering Diplomacy Initiative

23 Mar 2022
Optimism and Pessimism in Data Reporting Alex-Rossello-2022

Optimism and Pessimism in Data Reporting. Conversation with Alex Rossello

16 Mar 2022

Consequences of War on Health and Environment, conversation with Mykola Volkivskyi

09 Mar 2022

The Challenge to Achieving Global Climate Change Goals Caused by Putin et al

02 Mar 2022

Sustainable Energy, conversation with Kateryna Pavlova

02 Feb 2022

WIT Internship and Experiences During Covid-19: A Look Towards the Future We Want

26 Jan 2022

Towards a World Free from the Threat of Landmines: A Public Health Approach Conversation with Mr. Hugues Laurenge

14 Dec 2021

UN Conferences During Covid-19. Conversation with Mr. Igor Shpiniov.

08 Dec 2021

Rising up for Small Island Developing States, SIDS. Conversation with Riad Meddeb

02 Dec 2021

Zoonoses and Pandemics: The One Health Approach Conversation with Dr. William Hardy

17 Nov 2021

COP26 Review and Commentary from World Information Transfer, Inc. November 11, 2021

11 Nov 2021

COP26 Review and Commentary from WIT. Conversation with the WIT Delegation at COP26, Glasgow, November 3, 2021

03 Nov 2021

ADVANCES IN MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS, Conversation with Mr. Chad McClennan

27 Oct 2021

World Bank Lending to Support Poor Households in Ukraine During Covid-19 Pandemic. Conversation with Ms. Kateryna Petryna

20 Oct 2021

SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant and Misinformation Pandemics. Conversation with Dr. William N. Rom

13 Oct 2021

Space Exploration and Sustainable Development: How does space research serve the SDGs? Conversation with Mr. Alex Rossello

06 Oct 2021

WOMENONE – Educate a Girl. Change the World. Conversation with Ms. Dayle Haddon

29 Sep 2021

Learning About SDGs, Clean Energy, and Climate Action. Conversation with Ms. Angelica Shamerina

22 Sep 2021

Saving Antarctica for Our Future. Conversation with Mr. Robert Swan

08 Sep 2021

Creating Regenerative Communities. Conversation with Mr. Sam Judd

28 Jul 2021

The Responsibility of Media in Cultural Education. Conversation with Mr. Ippolito Leotta

14 Jul 2021

Securing Indigenous Territorial Rights. Conversation with Dr. Martin von Hildebrand

07 Jul 2021

The Fight Against Corruption in the Context of SDG Implementation Conversation with Dr. Thomas Stelzer

23 Jun 2021

WIT Alumni Panel Discussion – conversation with Sehee Oh, Chun Ki Lau, and Jade Sacker

16 Jun 2021

Revolution in Stem Cell Health Research. Conversation with Dr. Lander, MD., & Dr. Olesnicky, MD

09 Jun 2021

Pandemic World: One Year Later. Conversation with Ambassador Dr. Yuriy Sergeyev

26 May 2021

Housing Transformation for the Poor. Conversation with Dr. Michel Loots

12 May 2021

Chornobyl at 35 and Fukushima at 10: Comparing Black Point to Green Point Conversation with Prof. Najmedin Meshkati and Ms. Kateryna Pavlova

28 Apr 2021

Sustainable Practices in City Planning. Conversation with Mr. Tom Comitta

21 Apr 2021

The Power of Connections and how Culture Drives Impact. Conversation with Ms. Adria L. Dunn

07 Apr 2021

Drone Delivery: Past the Hype. What it means for Society. Conversation with Farri Gaba

07 Apr 2021

Wholesale Distributor’s Role in Supplying Healthy Produce & Education. Conversation with Ms. Stefanie Katzman

24 Mar 2021

Business Partners to CONVINCE: How a Global Workplace Challenge can Support a Covid-protected World. Conversation with Dr. Scott Ratzan

17 Mar 2021

Diplomatic Conferences on the SDG Agenda in 2021. Conversation with Mr. Apurv Gupta

10 Mar 2021

Alternative Energy: Challenges and Threats. Conversation with Ms. Kateryna Pavlova

03 Mar 2021

An Overview of Dr. Koven’s Work on Counter-terrorism, conversation with Barnett S. Koven, Ph.D

24 Feb 2021

UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate Ms. Michele Coninsx.

17 Feb 2021

The Future of Rural Health: Call to Strategic Action  conversation with Dr. Phil Polakoff MD. M.P.H.

10 Feb 2021

Giving with Purpose. Conversation with Mrs. Diane Finnerty

03 Feb 2021

Population and Long term Socio Economic Trends and Opportunities Conversation with Mr. Rehan Chaudhri

27 Jan 2021

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY IN UKRAINE & POLAND, conversation with Mr. Mykola Volkivskyi

20 Jan 2021

Boma Global. Conversation with Ms. Lara Stein.

16 Dec 2020

The Impact of Media on the Economic, Strategic and Geopolitical Decisions of Countries, Mr. Cary Granat

09 Dec 2020

Future Development of Nuclear Power in the Middle East. Conversation with Ms. Kateryna Pavlova and Ms. Nusrat Laskar

02 Dec 2020

Children of War Foundation. Conversation with Ms. Amel Najjar.

18 Nov 2020

Education for Employment. Conversation with Mr. Andrew Baird

11 Nov 2020

Protecting Your Child’s Health:  Expert Answers to Urgent Environmental Questions. Conversation with Dr. Etzel and Dr. Balk

04 Nov 2020

WIT Virtual Voices with WIT Former Interns, October 28, 2020

28 Oct 2020

WIT Virtual Voices: Jordan Naddaf co-founder and co-CEO of the Foreign Policy Youth Collaborative

21 Oct 2020

WIT Virtual Voices with President of Roots of Peace. Conversation with Mr. Gary. A. Kuhn

14 Oct 2020

Campaign For Common Good: Call for Spring Cleaning Commissions. Conversation with Philip K. Howard

07 Oct 2020

The Upcoming Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on October 1, 2020, Conversation with Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter

23 Sep 2020

Working Towards Peace and Sustainable Development around the World. Conversation with Ms. Emilie McGlone

16 Sep 2020

Chief of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) New York. Conversation with Dr. Chantal Line Carpentier

09 Sep 2020

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Special Envoy for Cultural Diplomacy. Conversation with Ms. Hedva Ser

02 Sep 2020

Recovering from COVID-19 and reviving the SDGs. Conversation with H.E. Munir Akram

26 Aug 2020

WIT Virtual Voices with WIT Former Interns, August 19, 2020

19 Aug 2020

UNITAR’s Multilateral Diplomacy. Conversation with H.E. Mr. Marco A. Suazo

19 Aug 2020

Chornobyl, Energy – Past and Future! Conversation with Ms. Kateryna Pavlova

12 Aug 2020

Importance of Global Supply Chains After COVID-19: View From a Small & Open Economy at its Industry, Dr. Stefan Brupbacher

05 Aug 2020

Our Unique Contribution as Individuals to the Sustainable Development Goals. Ms. Carole Wainaina

20 Jul 2020

Global Choices, COVID-19 and Climate. Conversation with Ms. Sally A. Ranney.

17 Jul 2020

WIT Virtual Voices: Acute Travelers’ Diarrhea. Conversation with Dr. Brian Landzberg.

26 Jun 2020

Global Food Security Risks and Covid 19: Adding to the already fragile food system. Conversation with Dr. Mark Robson

22 Jun 2020

Remembering the First Earth Day, conversation with Mr. John Rohe

16 Jun 2020
Richard Whiteford

WIT Virtual Voices “Why is Greta Thunberg Right”. Conversation with Mr. Richard Whiteford

12 Jun 2020

COVID-19, Biodiversity and the SDGs. Conversation with Ms. Irena Zubcevic.

09 Jun 2020

COVID-19, Biology and Epidemiology. Conversation with Dr. William Rom

03 Jun 2020

COVID-19 and the Ecological Balance. Conversation with Dr. Bernard Goldstein.

03 Jun 2020

COVID-19 AND GLOBAL POLITICS. Political challenges, disinformation and global ethics. Conversation with H.E. Yuriy A. Sergeyev.

22 May 2020

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