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World Information Transfer (WIT) is a proud non-profit, non-governmental organization in general consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Since l992, WIT has convened what we believe to be one of the world’s premier forums for the presentation of scientific papers by international experts on the growing clinical evidence supporting the link between degrading environments and diminished human health.

World Information Transfer Inc. is currently raising money to support our work on supporting education efforts globally, and disseminating information on critical health issues, environmental literacy, climate change and on the sustainable development goals (SDGs). The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the way in which we conduct our work and your donations will help us continue with our work in building a sustainable future for ourselves and our children. Any donation will help make an impact, and ensure that we continue with our mission of information sharing and education. We rely on people like you to keep today’s youth educated and engaged in the fight against climate change, global health crises like the covid-19 pandemic, and environmental degradation.

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