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World Ecology Report is a quarterly digest of critical issues in health and environment.

The Speaker’s Series is a publication of the WIT Summer Internship program

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Since l992, WIT has convened what we believe to be one of the world’s premier forums for the presentation of scientific papers by international experts on the growing clinical evidence supporting the link between degrading environments and diminished human health.

WIT - International NGO

WIT - International NGO

International, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization in General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) promoting environmental health and literacy. In 1987, inspired by the Chornobyl nuclear tragedy, WIT was formed in recognition of the pressing need to provide accurate actionable information about our deteriorating global environment and its effect on human health.

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Summer-Fall 2011, vol. XXIII No.2,3



20th International Conference on Health and Environment:
Global Partners for Global Solutions


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WIT Summer Speaker Series

Summer Speaker Series, 2018

Summer Speaker Series, 2017


Summer Speaker Series, 2016

During the course of WITs two-month internship program, a number of speakers from various professional backgrounds came to share their knowledge and experience with the interns. These individuals are leaders in their fields, and brought to light critical health, environment, and policy issues that relate to WITs work at the United Nations. The meetings with these distinguished guests are summarized below.


Summer Speaker Series, June July August 2015

World Information Transfer
A publication by WIT Summer Interns



Summer Speaker Series June-July 2014

World Information Transfer
A publication by WIT Summer Interns


Ecology Enquirer


June 2013

The collective groups of 2013 Summer Interns for the World Information Transfer, Inc. are an enthusiastic and energetic cohort of individuals who, through the Ecology Enquirer, collaborate to spread information regarding the environment, human health, and development to the world. We collectively seek to increase our understanding of the world while trying to build awareness of its alarmingly deteriorating condition. Declining available of resources, not enough clean water, prevalence of infectious diseases, and global violence paint an opaque picture of a world with an uncertain future. The June 2013 edition of the Ecology Enquirer highlights several of the pressing global issues around the world, and addresses several unacknowledged ones. After one month at the United Nations, the WIT interns have attended meeting on many pressing issues, with topics ranging from fostering gender equality to ending violence across countries.

Chinese version of Ecology Enquirer, 2013, June

Ecology Enquirer July 2012

July 2012

Our time at the United Nations has given us invaluable experiences, instilling in us all greater aspirations for a more peaceful and sustainable world. We reflect back on our time in the hopes of inspiring greater education, progressive debate, and broader perspectives. While our interns range in age, gender, race, geographical location, and area of study, we have come to understand that we are all united by a international call to sustainable awareness and action, as we are all part of one global economy, ecology, and community.
From the U.N. Economic and Social Council meetings on topics relating to development, such as unemployment, technology, and aid, to interactive discussions with UN officers, we have learned that like WIT, the United Nations and the greater international community have embraced the age of sustainable development. Drawing on such engaging dialogues and debates, our July 2012 issue of the Ecology Enquirer aims tackle current environmental and health issues that may be underrepresented on the world stage and raise greater awareness of these issues.


WIT’s Summer Speakers Series 2012

Impressions from Rio+20

During the course of WIT’s 2012 summer internship program, a number of speakers from various academic and professional backgrounds are invited to speak to the interns and share their knowledge and experiences. They represent a variety of fields that relate to WIT’s work in the United Nations, giving the interns a great opportunity to learn about different perspectives on critical international health and environmental issues. In addition, WIT’s spring interns had a chance to attend the Rio+20 Conference in June, sharing their experiences in this edition of the Speakers Series.

Archive of Ecology Enquirer

The famine-genocide of Ukraine, HOLODOMOR: 1932-1933.