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“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” 

Stephen Hawking

World Ecology Report (WER) published since 1989 is a quarterly digest produced in Chinese, English, Russian and Ukrainian and distributed throughout the developed and developing world.

Speaker’s Series 

& Ecology Enquirer

The Speaker’s Series publication is authored the WIT summer interns to catalogue WIT’s annual Summer Speaker’s Series. WIT hosts UN diplomats and other experts to speak with WIT interns about their experiences in their respective fields. 

The Ecology Enquirer is a research publication by the WIT summer interns to address critical international health and environmental issues. 



CD ROM Library

This CD-ROM is an international World Information Transfer Project for all schools with English language programs and computers. The goal is to expand the knowledge base on Education, Teaching, Working, Society, Sustainable Development and English of all appropriate students.The CD-ROM contains 1218 publications, totalling about 120000 pages.

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