The Mission of World Information Transfer, Inc. a 501(c)3 organization in consultative status with the UN/ECOSOC is since its inception in 1987, following the disaster in Chornobyl, Ukraine, is to educate and help achieve a world that protects human health and saves the environment.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and requests for support for their wounded and traumatized citizens and freedom fighters, impelled us to send humanitarian and medical assistance to Ukraine. The Ukrainian population is in desperate need of your support. These supplies are being sent to Poland and then delivered to the hospitals in Ukraine by our students and members whom you can see on our weekly Virtual Voices Webinars.

Please support our work and save lives.

Give what you can during these critical times.

  • As long as fossil fuel energy is a major determinant of modern productivity and wealth, the world will be at risk from wars started by autocratic countries with large fossil fuel resources, such as Russia and Iran.
  • Advancing toward sustainability, including limitation of global climate changes, requires understanding and limitating the risks of war -even if it requires sacrifices
    related to the three legs of sustainability
  • Ukraine had no choice and in fighting for liberal democracy is fighting for sustainability

Current scenes from Ukraine


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