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Scholarships from K. Kovshevych Foundation

KKF is supporting the future generations by enabling talented students enter successfully into professional life. Currently, students who have received KKF scholarships are studying in the following areas: medicine, diplomacy, history, education, music and agriculture. KKF is United States based 50lc(3) non-for-profit organization.

Scholarships from K. Kovshevych Foundation

The tradition of focusing on education to improve the lives of people began in the Kovshevychfamily in the 1890’s in the town of Kovshelivka and has continued until the establishmentof the K.Kovshevych Foundation (KKF) in 1999. The K. represents Katherine, the mother of Dr. Christine Kovshevych Durbak, the Founder and President of the Foundation. Dr. Durbak supported needy student since the 1970’s but since l999 the support has continued through the K.Kovshevych Foundation, which grants scholarships to students with exceptional promise but financial needs in Ukraine, Moldova, and Asia. The students are selected by the regional representatives of World Information Transfer, a 501 (c) 3 organization in general consultative status with UN ECOSOC and approved by the Board of Directors of the Foundation: Dr. Christine Kovshevych Durbak, Founder and President; Roland DeSilva, Vice President; Dr. Claudia Strauss, Secretary; Arnaud LaFlèche, Treasurer. More information about K.Kovshevych Foundation on their website,


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