Statement of World Information Transfer to the Commission for Social Development, Fiftieth session, 1-10 February, 2012


Your Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates and Dear Colleagues,

World Information Transfer, (WIT), an NGO in General Consultative Status with ECOSOC, Associated with DPI, with reference to UN Document E/CN.5/2012/1, Section 3, (b) iv, WIT offers the following recommendation:

Unrestrained population growth has been continually ignored by politicians even when dealing with issues such as poverty, food production, natural resource depletion, world’s ability to provide jobs and decent living standards. Even though population growth rates have slowed, population increase remains the single greatest threat to remediating Climate Change and its consequences to the health and sustainability of this planet..

The Rio Summit in 1992 also ignored the population issue. The delegates, instead of insulating themselves from the religious and cultural pressures and focusing on the one issue that impacts the quality of the environment and sustainable development, let dogmas and fear of retribution shadow their negotiations.

Unfortunately, by ignoring the importance of family planning it is impossible to prevent child abuse, child labor, human trafficking and human slavery. Unless every child born is assured of food, shelter and education, we will continue to throw money at keeping children barely alive and ignorant instead of giving them an opportunity of growing up to become healthy, educated and contributing members of the world society.

Therefore, WIT recommends continued linking of poverty eradication to family planning, the goal of which is simply, healthy families. The means to this goal is free education.

Thank you for your attention.